How do I get on the team?
Legends doesn’t hold a tryout where players are evaluated and potentially cut. We instead hold an event in late February where players interested in the Legends program will workout with the coaches. It is at that time that we look for a commitment from the player for the upcoming season.

How much does it cost to be on the team?

The Club Membership fee for Legends is $600. The fee covers field and facility rentals, team website, coaching stipends, administrative costs and supplies. The membership fee does not include: tournament fees, hotel arrangements, uniform or travel expenses to tournaments. Additional Sister Club membership is $300. Workshops, Clinic and Camp Sessions are priced individually and fees can be found on the appropriate registrations forms.

What is the advantage of playing for Legends Lacrosse versus playing for my high school team?

Playing for a club team should be in addition to playing for a recreation league team and high school team. A club program such as Legends can offer the individual expert coaching and mentoring due to the dedication and experience of Coach Millon. It also provides the opportunity to meet new people and expand your playing experiences.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?
Info@legendslacrosseclub.com  or 443-310-9672

Where are practices held?
Our primary practice location is Garrison Forest School in Owings Mills.  We at times will also utilize sites around the Towson, Cockeysville, and Timonium.

On what days are practices held?
The Club Practice schedule starts off with weekend dates.  Once schools are closed, practice times are based on availabilty of the practice facility. Typical times are late in the afternoon on weekends, daytime to early evening hours during the week. Tournaments are weekend events. During the fall season, practices will be held on the weekends.
Why do I need to be a member of US Lacrosse?
YES! Most tournaments require their participants to be registered with US Lacrosse. With your US Lacrosse membership, each player becomes insured individually. Insurance coverage with US Lacrosse also enables Legends to secure the required coverage needed to utilize certain facilities.
How do I register with US Lacrosse?
Go to www.uslacrosse.org
Who coaches the Legend Lacrosse teams?
Coach Millon serves as the Director and head coach for the Legends Club teams.  Additional coaches are hired for each season and specific tournaments and may serve in the head coaching role should tournament conflicts occur.   At times there will be guest coaches or special appearances from lacrosse “legends” which will offer our members additional learning opportunities.

How do you choose which tournaments to play in?
We try to choose tournaments that do not involve a great deal of travel time or expense. We also take into consideration the cost of the tournament along with the quality of the facility where the tournament is held. A tournament where our teams will get a good amount of exposure and quality play is also a consideration.

How do the players get to the various tournaments?
Travel and hotel arrangements (if necessary) are the responsibility of each player and their family. Supervision of athletes while traveling is the responsibility of each individual family.

Why are the teams organized by high school graduation year?
Because most of the tournaments are geared towards the college recruiters, teams are divided up by graduation year. Many of the tournaments do not allow players to play "up or down." This makes it easier for the college coaches to know what recruiting class they are watching at each tournament. The option to combine graduation years on a team is always available as needed.

How many practices do you have per year?
There will be approximately 15-25 Club practices between May and November. This does not include the additional Individual Sessions a member may book. The Clinic program practice schedule runs for 6 weeks and depending on weather should consist of 6 sessions.
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